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A collection of self initiated projects from 2016—2017

Mostly just for fun. A little bit for education.

Dull Pixel

For fun I took a pixel grid and applied a system to create an all caps display typeface. Sure, it's not super complicated, but it was a good learning experience working with a character set and learning a new software. Download it here

Typeface + Illustration

Type Gif
Type wordmark
Type Gif

Inside Jokes

Every year I record various inside jokes between me and my wife, Ali. I make a list, and then cull the memories to a selection that I can express through illustration. Although slightly different, I've attempted to keep them in somewhat related styles, all intended to be printed on a 10 foot by 4 foot vinyl banner.

Illustration + Layout

Mural 3
Mural 2
Mural 2

More to come in time.